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What is Djembe?

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About Djembe

Our group takes its name from the djembe - an African drum made from wood with a goblet shape and distinct sound.


It is the most well-known among the African percussion instruments and is played by striking it with the hands to produce bass, tone and slap sounds.


The drum’s name is said to be derived from words for ‘to gather in peace’ in the Mali language.

Why Play the Djembe?

Djembe playing is known to have many well-being benefits. It helps to create a positive attitude, improve mental health and strengthen memory through the process of learning drumming patterns and techniques.

It promotes a sense of achievement through progress from playing basic beats to mastering more complex rhythms and discovering the world of improvisation and soloing.

Drumming as part of a group encourages teamwork, improving concentration and focus through learning how multiple patterns played together create powerful and exuberant music.

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